Creating Beautiful Items For Your Home

Creating Beautiful Items For Your Home

Tips On Selecting The Best Stuffed Toys For Your Toddler

by Cathy Vasquez

When browsing children's toys for sale, you'll want to take a look at the stuffed toys. This type of toy benefits toddlers in more ways than one. Not only will your child have a soft plush to cuddle with when they need comforting from a scraped knee or incoming tooth, but they will also have the opportunity to engage in pretend play. Below are a few tips to consider when shopping for stuffed animals. 

Favorite Color or Animal

Does your toddler have a love of dinosaurs, or does he or she prefer one color over another? It's always a great idea to take your little one's interests and use that as a learning tool. If your daughter is fond of cats, for example, look for a stuffed Siamese cat and teach her a fact or two about that cat breed when you give her the toy. Boys that enjoy the color blue would do well with a stuffed toy that has different shades of blue. You can then introduce the different shades to him.

Lights Up or Makes Noise

A stuffed toy that lights up or makes noise will surely capture the attention of your little one. Look for a model that lights up when you press a button for teaching cause and effect, or one that lights up in beat to the music of a popular children's song. This introduces your child to rhythm. Of course, there are plenty of plush animals that also speak phrases, some of which even come in a variety of languages. These toys are great for helping your toddler learn the alphabet, how to count to ten, and how to recognize primary colors. 

Can Play Dress Up 

Another skill toddlers need to master is how to get dressed. A stuffed toy that comes with a set of dress up clothes is the perfect solution. Children can practice putting on shirts and pants, as well as different types of clothing for different types of weather. Some plush dolls also have buttons, snaps, zippers, and shoes with laces so kids can continue to master independent dressing.

Character Set

If you're simply looking to see pure joy on your child's face, consider purchasing a character set from your toddler's favorite television program. There are Disney character plushes, stuffed Sesame Street toys, and Nickelodeon characters, like Dora the Explorer and gang. You can even find other popular toys in this category that will appeal to your child, such as Marvel Comic stuffed figures or plush Star Wars characters.


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