Creating Beautiful Items For Your Home

Creating Beautiful Items For Your Home

Vinyl Floor Graphics That A Daycare Can Use

by Cathy Vasquez

If you'll soon be opening a daycare center, you'll want to brainstorm all of the various ways that you can make the space cheerful, inviting, and educational for the children who will be visiting you. One of the options to consider is custom vinyl floor graphics. A manufacturer can design and print for you to affix to the floor throughout your facility. Give some thought to the messages that you want to send through this method, and then speak to the company to share your ideas. Here are some graphics that you may want around your daycare center.


One fun idea to consider is a series of graphics that are shaped like footprints. You can use this approach in a wide range of ways. For example, you might have one color of footprints that run toward the bathrooms, another color that goes toward a bookshelf, and so on. This approach will give you the ability to have your children follow the footprints to wherever they need to go. For example, when a child is going to pick out a book that you'll read to the group, you can ask them to follow the orange footprints to the bookshelf. The children will enjoy this idea, and the use of different colors can help them to recognize each color.


Even though you'll likely be using a variety of modern-day entertainment options at your daycare, don't overlook the value of traditional games. Something as simple as hopscotch can provide plenty of fun for your children. Instead of drawing a hopscotch board outside on the pavement in chalk, consider getting several vinyl floor graphics that you can use to create a board inside. This will save the time of having to create an outdoor hopscotch board out of chalk after each rainfall, and it can also provide a fun indoor activity on days that have inclement weather.


Daycares often take their children on outings, and it can be a little hectic as you make sure that the group has everything that it needs. Another fun option for a vinyl floor graphic is to design some graphics that feature lists of things that can serve as reminders. For example, during the winter, you can have a graphic on the floor near the door that lists things such as mittens, hats, scarves, and other warm apparel that the children will need before they go outside. You can point out these words to the children, which can help those who are in the early stages of reading.

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